How we work

The La Strada Foundation focuses on fighting the battle against human trafficking, with a geographical focus upon Poland. We do this through:

-    Providing advice about travelling abroad. (eg for the purpose of finding work, getting married etc.)
-    Organising workshops and educational meetings with young people.
-    Raising awareness of our work and presence through large scale events.

Working directly with human trafficking:
-    Identifying victims of human trafficking.
-    Crisis intervention in cases where human trafficking is occurring.
-    Addressing and providing for the fundamental needs of victims of human trafficking.
-    Providing safe and secure shelter for victims of human trafficking.
-    Providing legal advice to victims of human trafficking.
-    Organising access to medical and psychological support.
-    Supporting and advising victims in their contacts with governmental departments.
-    Supporting victims in their return to a normal life.  

Informing and lobbying:
-    Running information campaigns.
-    Establishing a working relationship with the  media
-    Running educational programmes.
-    Raising awareness amongst decision makers about the issues of human trafficking.
-    Advocacy.
-    Advising government in changes of legislation.
-    Proposing new legal solutions.

Research and analysis.
-    Continuous monitoring of all issues linked to human trafficking.
-    Researching specific elements of human trafficking.

Advising institutions and professionals.
-    Providing individual consultations.
-    Designing, organising and delivering educational programmes.
-    Organising and delivering seminars and conferences .
-    Advising and training professionals working with marginalised groups.


How we work