Before you go

- fulfill all the formalities (check the validity of your passport - if you will be traveling on it's basis and any permits, gather other necessary documents to work for egzample: certificates confirming your qualifications).

- Insure (from accidents and any medical expenses).

- Make sure the broker (intermediary company) offers you a job working legally,  whether it is registered in NREA (National Register of Employment Agencies) and has a certificate (from 1 November 2005 the certificates are given by the Marshal Office).

- Make sure that your employer exists. Learn about him as much as possible - preferably from the intermediary. Ask for address and phone number. Contact him.

- Find out what you can expect from an agent in case of trouble at work (for egzample: in a situation where the work is different than  offered or having problems with your employer). Ask for a written commitment.

- Carefully read all documentation that your broker shows you, especially those you will sign. If you do not understand something - ask!

- If you give money to an intermediary, always insist on a receipt!

- Make a photocopy of the documents, you take away (passport, identity card, visas, work permits, employment contracts) and leave it with your relatives (people who you trust). To the documents attach a current photograph.

- Also leave the address at which you will reside abroad, telephone number, employer name and the names and addresses of people with who you are leaving (better not go on alone). Notify relatives of change of address and employment.

- Determine the frequency of telephone contact with relatives (people who you trust), for example, once a week at a specific time. Set a password, which you serve in the event of any problems and inability to say this directly by phone: eg Give my love to someone who does not exist.


- Address and telephone number of the nearest Polish consulate in the country you are visiting. In case of any trouble there, get help.

- Dictionary or phrase book - if you're not sure whether you will manage the local language.

- Telephone number Poland direct from the country you are visiting. For a minimal fee or for free you'll be abel to call to Poland - just for a landline number - not a cell - if the person you are calling agrees to pay for the conversation. Telephonist, which will connect the call speaks Polish.

- Telephone number of an organization that helps women, migrants or victims of crime. Usually in such an organization you can get advice and help.

- European Health Insurance Card, which is a confirmation of insurance under the National Health Fund and is recognized in the European Union. If during your stay abroad you are ill, NHF will cover the cost of treatment. However, not all! Before leaving, make sure what kind of costs of treatment abroad can be covered by the NHF.

- Mobile phone with roaming activated.

- Money (it can also be a credit card or check). Stock for a "rainy day", for which you can go back to Poland.


- You have the right to choose your residence and move freely within the territory of the country where you reside. So no one has the right to imprison you, hold or force to do anything - even to work!

- However, if something bad happened to you, for egzample: you became the victim of a crime, or have committed them alone and you were stopped by the police, make sure you have the right to defend your rights! Your rights abroad are required to protect by the Polish consul and the police.

- You can report crime to the police, of whose you became a  victim and indicate those who are guilty of committing them. If you found your way to the police - either as a victim or a suspect, you have the right to an translator - insist on it.

- If you're suspected of a crime you have the right to a lawyer. At your request, the police will inform the Polish consulate about your situation.

Woman missing abroad

We will speak here about special situation of missing women abroad. We are dealing with three classic models and their hybrids:

- Was detained against their will and can not contact her family (may be forced into prostitution, but also for egzample her correspondence fiance was unbalanced, or no contact with the family is required by the hosts, who she is serving - the reasons for the mystery - girl works illegally)

- Decided to work in prostitution and alone, in their own minde excludes oneself from the family and realizes that exclusion by breaking contact

- There is no intention to return (or puts the decision back) and ther's no contact by their own free will "for now", is concerned that the family did not accept her decision

A further complication in relation to the missing person abroad is likely that many people living and working abroad do it illegally. Leading to find such a person by the police not only ends up expelling her, but the prohibition on entry to most Western European countries for several years.

What's important tourist trip, is subjected to certain rigor - not allowed to work, or extend your stay. Violation of these rules causes serious sanctions - deportation, prohibition of entry to the Schengen countries. The person extending the stay abroad bears the consequences of both legal and emotional. Operates outside the boundaries of legality, which means that the law does not protect her.
And now let's take this scenario:
Crude conservative father repeatedly interfered in the life of her daughter, trying to persuade her to live according to his designs - early marriage and motherhood instead of learning and work. At the end of her twenties she went abroad. In France, fell in love and live happily with the French of Arab origin. The father sees him as a man with criminal tendencies, who wants to seduce his daughter to Morocco and so on. Daughter appears to him as an emotionally immature - because she prefers a different model of life, unable to objectively assess the situation and being in mortal danger.

If we give in to his suggestions and help to draw her down back into the country, we wil interfere in her life in an unacceptable manner. On the other hand, we are fallible people. Daughter of the most toxic and  antipathetic parent also may be in danger.  Non-governmental organization is like a poor virgin, has little to do except a good reputation. Confusing in either direction is a great spot on the opinion. However, in opposition to the virgins refusing the opinion is not improving.

Let us return to our three models. Every mother, husband or even a friend of the person who has ceased contact with their family, or contacted in an unsatisfactory way for loved ones, are in favor of the first model. Do not want to be abandoned, forsaken, they do not want to have daughters prostitutes. The most comfortable situation for them is perpetration of third parties - someone forcing her, blackmail, drugs administered. Exert pressure on us to draw the  naughty back. Must apply the old communist method and spread the responsibility.

In summary, before taking the action you need to assess the situation, and if you have a problem:

- Get more information

- Verify all information gained

- Consult


Before you go