what we do

Since 1995, the La Strada Foundation has been dedicated to combating trafficking in human beings in all its aspects.

  1. We help people – women and men – who have become victims of human trafficking, forced labour and slavery. We offer legal, psychological and social assistance to both Polish citizens and foreigners.
  2. We run reintegration programs as well as advocacy for victims. We offer safe shelter, cultural mediation, medical assistance if needed. We run a 24-hour helpline for victims and their families, as well as for people interested in emigrating – going abroad for work or other non-tourist purposes. We provide free pre-departure counselling and advice on working and living abroad. We advise professionals from the Police, Border Guard, social services and education.
  3. We deal with preventive activities – we publish and distribute leaflets and brochures. We conduct classes in schools and educational institutions. We teach young people how to safely work abroad and where to look for help.
  4. We operate two shelters for victims of human trafficking: a specialized shelter for adult women and a rotational housing for men and families. These are safe and secret places.
  5. We train professionals from the Police, Border Guard, Justice, Social Welfare and Education. We teach how to work with victims and potential victims of human trafficking.
  6. As part of our CSR activities, we engage in cooperation with business.

Everything we do is done in the spirit of human rights.

We offer guidance, help and support.

If you or someone close to you needs our help, call or write!